GarlicMate™ Beneficial Seed Blend

Beneli Farms Inc.


A special blend of brassica and grain seeds along with a proprietary energizer powder. Simply broadcast and rake into the soil of the garden area you intend to plant garlic into. Let it grow up to the point of flowering, and till under. Let rest for a few weeks, till again and then plant garlic. Can also be planted in the fall August - September and allow frost to kill it. Leave un-tilled until the spring.

This is a form of green manure and will break up the hard-pan in your garden and provide aeration and vital nitrogen as well as nutrients unlocked from the soil. The plant material provides valuable fibre, tilth and additional aeration. The beneficial microbes in your soil will rejoice and your garlic will thrive! 250 gram package will cover approximately 100 square feet. Shake package well prior to and during spreading as the natural energizer powder will settle to the bottom.

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