Mama Mia™ Ice® Garlic Jumbo 2" Softneck

Beneli Farms Inc.


MAMA MIA™ is a very sweet and mild softneck heirloom garlic from Northern Italy. As a culinary garlic, it is ideal for roasting and savory sauces. Smooooth flavour. Good storage longevity. Considered an artichoke variety, heads have between 10-14 large cloves as well as a few smaller ones. Beautiful brown wrappers. This soft neck garlic braids beautifully with its very pliable shoots. Jumbo has a head size of 2” in diameter. Price is per garlic head. Perfect for seed garlic as well as for fresh eating. Our 2018 crop is ready for sale as of September 3rd. 

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We reserve the right to limit quantities.

Why the Loonie in every photo? We've thought long and hard about how to clearly show how large our garlic varieties grow. Take a Loonie in your hand and look at our photos. Probably the biggest garlic you've seen, eh? Every one of our varieties can grow like that.

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